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Packaged Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel Systems (Puron® refrigerant)

The Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel System from Puron® refrigerant is a smart and high efficiency heating and cooling. It provides the comfort of gas heat with the efficiency of a heat pump. This system combines two heating sources that deliver exceptional performance all year long. It delivers a cost-effective heat pump power, and then switches to gas furnace heat when needed.

Packaged Gas Furnace and Air Conditioner Systems (Puron® refrigerant)

With the Package Gas Furnace and Air Conditioner Systems from Puron® refrigerant, you’ll get total climate control that is high efficient. It provides cozy gas heat warmth and electric cooling. Whatever the weather, the system maintains ideal temperature and humidity level.

Packaged Heat Pumps

Get total Comfort, high efficiency and year-round energy savings with our offering of Evolution Packaged Heat Pump, Preferred Packaged Heat Pump, Legacy Packaged Heat Pump and Manufactured Packaged Heat Pump. High Efficiency Comfort and Performance

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